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$100 Godox MS300 / MS200 First Look ( Flashpoint BLAZ 300 )

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The FLASHPOINT BLAZ 300 R2 MONOLIGHT ( Godox MS300 )is a 300-watt second manual monolight, designed to be compact non-TTL AC studio members of the R2 Family of wireless radio controlled flashes. The small units deliver GN 190ft / 58m, accepting standard Bowens S-Type reflectors and modifiers. The pro 150w quartz modeling light makes lighting setups easy to achieve precise results. The incredible amount of power and control in these compact and lightweight flashes, make this design the first choice of all photographers with an eye for flexible multiple lights set up in a studio or home environment for everything from portraiture toproduct photography without the fear of blowing circuits. The BLAZ 300 R2 Monolight has a max recycle times of 1.8 seconds at full power, and an eye-popping 0.1 seconds at 1/32nd/5.0 output, with reliability that only AC can guarantee.

R2 Wireless is the world famous 2.4GHz Radio system that binds the Flashpoint XPLOR600's ( Godox AD600 ), Streaklights ( Godox AD360II ), Zooms ( Godox V860II ) , eVOLV200's ( Godox AD200 ), Rapid's and Mini's, in total harmony. The incorporated R2 radio links to transmitter signals up to over a 100m/328ft range with 32 channels and up to 16 individual groups. Of course, youcan simply fire with a cable directly connected to the standard PC port.

This impressive BLAZ 300 Monolight professional specs' don't end with power and speed. Exacting digital details, with a full menu ofPower, Channel, Group, and Model Lamp status is boldly displayed on the rear graphical LCD panel. The onboard Manual controls are ina Tenth (0.1) of a stop increments and, depending on the R2 remote transmitter linked to the flash, at Tenth's, or 1/3 stop. Throughout the wide 50 step range, color and flash duration is spot on, with less than a 2% variation. AC power means there is no limit on modeling lamp use, with an adjustable 5-100% bright 150w quartz lamp. Both flashtube and modeling lamp is user replaceable.

This video takes a first look at the new Godox MS 300 / MS 200.

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What I REALLY think of my Godox MS300 - Hands On Review with RAW files

In this portrait photography photoshoot we are doing a review of the Godox MS300 studio strobe. This studio light is great for portrait sessions in a studio setting where you want to use off camera flash to enhance the lighting quality of your images.

We look at a review of the Godox MS300, its usecases, pros and cons, and then have a look at a few portraits that were shot using this studio strobe.

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Godox MS300 (Flashpoint BLAZ 300) - First Impressions of this excellent budget studio flash.

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Is this one of the best value studio flash units currently available? In this video I test out the Godox MS300, giving you a run through of the features and my first impressions after using it in a simple studio portrait session. At only $109 USD ($179AUD), this flash packs some serious features and build quality for such a small price.

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The music tracks featured in this video are Sun Daze by Falls and As Far As We Could Go by Be Still The Earth, both of which can be found on Soundstripe. Use the following link to save 10% if you would like to join up for unlimited access to awesome tracks for your videos.




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