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How Nalgene Makes Its Water Bottles | The Making Of

Nalgene has been making its beloved water bottles for 70 years. Today, its bottles come in 75 different colors and are shipped all over. INSIDER's Fabiana Buontempo got a peek behind the scenes at how Nalgene's factory in Rochester, New York.

Learn more about the company here:

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How Nalgene Makes Its Water Bottles | The Making Of

The World's Best Water Bottle - Nalgene Wide Mouth 32 Oz

Purchase Official bottle from Nalgene, select your size/color that you'd like.
Nalgene Bottle - - AMAZON.COM
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Since humans trekked the earth, we've had water containers to carry water with us. Buy the best of the best survival bottles, Nalgene Tritan bottles.
BPA free! (Safe for you and your kids!)
Breakproof! (Throw it against a brick wall, it'll take it, no other bottle will)
Taste free! (Glass bottles are taste free, but shatter easily)
Dent free! (Stainless bottles dent easily from 1 drop)
Thermal insulation, and can handle 100 deg Celsius, put hot water in it, and hold it while camping to stay warm! Try that with any other bottle, can't be done.
Wrap duct tape around the bottle, and be prepared for life, no matter if you're travelling, camping, or a city slicker, it will do the job. I've used it for everything and can say it has my seal of approval, check my channel, I only give honest reviews based on facts and experience.
For all the reasons above, I personally use Nalgene bottles only.

This is the simplest, best water bottle one can get. It's inexpensive, doesn't have latches or clips, it's durable, BPA/Odour free, impact resistant, and safe between -40°C and 100°C (So you can store it in your car).
What more could you ask for?
This has a good balance of thermal insulation, impact resistance, and taste-free benefits. Glass is taste-free, but breaks easily. Double walled stainless steel has great thermal insulation, but leaves a metallic taste in your mouth, it is also strong and only dents when dropped. All these benefits are balanced by the copolymer used in the Nalgene bottle. The use of a light weight BPA free polymer gives you the best of all worlds.

If you need one for biking, go with the Nalgene OTF.

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Nalgene Water Bottle review, why its NOT for everyone.

In this video I take a quick look at the well known Nalgene bottle and discuss what I like and dislike about. I look at why i dont think Nalgene bottles are for everyone but for some specific uses they can be ideal.
Nalgene water bottles are popular among people that enjoy hiking, wild camping and backpacking.




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