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화이자 백신수송을 맡은 세계적인 화물회사 UPS 이야기


이번영상은 세계적인 화물운송회사 UPS 에 대해 다뤄봤습니다
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Song: SugarTape - Funk (No Copyright Music)
Music provided by Tunetank.
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Delivering Family & Community in Korea

UPS helps South Korean NGO The BeautifulStore deliver the joy of family and community for the Lunar New Year

As part of UPS’s Wishes Delivered campaign, UPS Korea staff fulfilled the wishes of The BeautifulStore by joining the ‘Beautiful Sacks of Sharing’ program, packing and delivering boxes of food and other basic necessities to families in need in Seoul.

UPS has worked with The BeautifulStore since 2009, donating more than 100,000 USD and 2,000 hours to them in total over the years.

UPS Korea 2020 Summer C.A.M.P

CAMP는 Church Along with Missional Prayer의 약자로 UPS NY, Korea에서 행하고 있는 사역입니다.




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